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maisonA new  waterproof photocatalytic coating was developping by PHOTOCAL France to give a powerful self-cleaning effect on front houses, roofs terraces and all porous building materials.



General all purpose permanent protective, self-cleaning coating - Applied to all porous external surfaces (Front house, roofs, terraces) – Only one coat – Waterproof / Photocatalytic / Superhydrophilic - Aqueous based coating, applied at room temperature (>10°C) with HVLP spray / Airlee / Roller / paintbrush - Long life: 5-10 years (in absence of mecanical abrasion) - Maintenance cost reduction - Upto 80% volume reduction in water for cleaning activities - Upto 80% reduction in chemical products - Dirt does not penetrate and not stick ! - Dirt is destroyed with the sun light and is removed by rain – Air purification: 1m² produces 20m3 of purifying air per hour decomposing NOxS and VOCS – Long term Ecological , Economicial benefits


Þ        Self-cleaning – Photocatalyst + Waterproof technology

Þ        Anti-UV

Þ        Fungicide / Algicide

Þ        Anti-Fog



Þ        Waterproof / Photocatalytic / Super-Hydrophilic

Þ        Only one fine coat – Spray HVLP system

Þ        1 liter = 40 m²

Þ        Remove automobile and industrial pollution, mold and fungi, oils and grease stains, on the all external porous surfaces

Þ        Long durability: 5 to 10 years (in absence of mechanical abrasion)



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