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Imagine the exterior of your house always looking good, without cleaning or giving it a new coat of paint. This is now possible with PHOTOCAL self-cleaning coat that can maintain itself and get rid of accumulated dirt on its own.

A process for producing photocatalytic, self-cleaning coatings has been developed by NANOFRANCE Technologies.

The process produces a coating containing the nano-particle, titanium dioxide (TiO2): PHOTOCAL

When exposed to an light source, such as the sun, the coating's oxidative property decomposes organic substances such as pollution or microbes on its surface.


In addition, the hydrophilic nature of the coating causes water that comes into contact with it to superhydrophilicform an even layer, thereby allowing the dust and dirt that have accumulated on the surface to be washed away.

These two properties of the coating create the "self-cleaning" effect.

The PHOTOCAL self-cleaning coating technology, developed by NANOFRANCE Technologies, is applicable for use on all surfaces including glass.

Such coatings will greatly benefit building maintenance, especially for skyscrapers, since they reduce the need for costly surface cleaning.

With the novel coating technology, the surface of buildings can remain clean longer, compared to surfaces without the coating.

PHOTOCAL's coating technology is set to reduce the frequency of washes and correspondingly, drive down the cost of building maintenance. Because water is also saved in the process, this self-cleaning technology translates to a more environmentally friendly method to keep buildings clean in a skyscraper-filled metropolis.

Additionally, physical cleaning, usually using strong detergents or high-pressure water jets, can cause damage to the building materials. The same materials when treated with the photo-catalytic self-cleaning coating can last longer. This naturally leads to lower maintenance cost.

In recent years, "self-cleaning" coating using photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) has gained considerable industry attention. With assistance of little UV light from fluorescence source or sunlight, TiO2 offers two unique properties: (a) strong oxidation power, and (b) super-hydrophilicity.


Strong oxidation power can be used to kill bacteria attached on the wall, or oxide/remove foul smell from stains in toilet. Super-hydrophilic property can allow dirt and stains to be easily washed away with water or by rainfall when such coating is applied to exterior surfaces.

Commercial buildings (hotels, shopping malls, offices, convention centres).
Heritage buildings / conservation projects
Educational institutes

Maintenance-free if the surfaces are being coated.
Environmentally friendly technology.
Reduce maintenance cost and efforts.

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